Friday, December 5, 2008

Bday Celebration


Selesai ja majilis Pengiktrafan "GLOB declare as litter free" trus kami pe kepayan..melawat Ibu feinnie...baru masuk 14 hari anak boy...bah ini first baby, kami excited ni mau pe melawat..nah, siap dengan hamper dan barangan baby dari staf glob..ada juga hamper dari top management...mmm..penat tapi seronok...che wah..

Changing Times

Rethinking your Priorities
Any change will ask a lot more from you, both emotionally and physically. Set your alarm an hour earlier so you can help out with chores before you leave for work. You may need to opt for business lunches instead of dinners. You need to work around your established routine and schedules to make space and create privacy for both of you because it is with someone you love and for someone precious to you
Finding you Place
You can offer to spend more time doing routines with baby. Remember that practice always makes perfect. A little clumsiness at the beginning is natural and it won’t last. Many of us might think that a crying, complaining baby could only be calmed by feminine touch. This is not true. Next time a friendly pair of hands reaches out to relieve you of a difficult baby; don’t give in. And stand your ground when well-wisher offer to replace you when you don’t get something right the first few times. Nappy changing and burping get easier with practice.
Creating partnership
When you bring up baby together, you will also feel a part of special bond that is supposedly reserved for mothers. It is all a question of making yourself available so you are a part of new leanings and making decisions. Make a list of each other’s duties and display them for easy reference. More demanding task like night feeds for waking up to check on baby can be shared. But you also need to be flexible enough to "volunteer" when the situation calls for it. If you paternity leave, make the most of it. Your presence and closeness will continue to nurture the romance between you as a couple as well
Plan for personal time
Don’t get so caught up with the three- way partnership, that you forgot yourselves. Have regular ‘dates’ for private one-to-one moments to indulge in your own pleasure. You don’t have to leave home to do it but uninterrupted time and the right atmosphere will do wonders for your relationship. Share some alone time after baby has been tucked in for the day-pitting away baby’s things, doing the dishes or just getting ready for bed-discuss how the days has been for the both of you.
Keep communication door open
Stress and physical exhaustion can take a toll on one’s level of patience and we may begin to view things rather critically. Small annoyances became magnified because we think we need to shoulder them alone. It doesn’t have to be that way. Talk about it to the most important person sharing your life-your wife. Help your spouse see things from each other’s point of view so that she understands how you feel-but it crucial that you choose the right time for this. Be specific when you quote situations so that you can discuss solutions and be prepared to make changes and compromises. Planning and reorganizing things around you will go a long way to copying with the pleasant change that has come into your life.
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